About Switchyard Theatre Company

Join us on our mission to switch things up in the world of theater!

Changing times require new ways to look at the world. At STC, our goal is to tell stories with modern and diverse voices, and derive new meanings that are relevant today.


The mission of STC is to engage, entertain, and inspire residents of the greater Triangle area with productions of new works and reimagined classic plays, and to provide opportunities for aspiring theater professionals of all ethnicities and gender identifications to grow through experience and education.


The vision of STC is to facilitate a broader understanding of current events and our shared humanity through the entertaining power of theater. We measure our progress toward this vision by soliciting regular audience feedback, monitoring media coverage, and growing our audience and volunteer workforce.


STC values include:

  • Quality – Our productions leverage the best available local talent – actors, directors and production staff – to present innovative, entertaining and artistically valuable theater.
  • Diversity – We promote creative and nontraditional casting in all productions, to reflect the society we live in and bring new life to classic works.
  • Community – We value collaboration with local businesses and other arts groups, and leverage our work for the betterment of the community as a whole.
  • Inclusivity – We foster a working environment of respect, kindness, professionalism and open-mindedness.
  • Fiscal responsibility – We maintain balanced budgets for our productions, and actively plan for growth of our reserves and annual revenue.  

Board of Directors